KETONIX® USB/Bluetooth® Mouthpieces disposable (50 pcs)
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*If you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, you still need to check your glucose.
This device is not intended to replace your glucose or beta-hydroxybutyrate measuring devices.
*Current software is only available for macOS desktop app and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android supporting Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

What Clients Say

A solid device that does it's job wellWhen you have read and understood the instructions, and you understand what you are measuring - which is an important point, then this device is very good.
The fact that it is reusable without having to buy test strips or similar, is great as it means you can test every 10 minutes throughout the day if you wish, and it doesn't cost any extra.
Just remember that your acetone results will not always correlate with your B-HOB,
***This is not a fault***.
Rich Hawkins

I absolutely love itI purchased this on Amazon on July 26th of this year.

It took me a week or so to understand it's benefits and how to use it effectively.

I absolutely love it. It gives me inexpensive, convenient and individual assessment of my lifestyle's (diet, exercise, sleep, etc effect on ketosis.

Michel, is always supportive and helpful when I have question. An imperative tool if you are interested in therapeutic or nutritional ketosis.
Sue Mclean

Simply Brilliant!This is an awesome device and is exactly what I was looking for to monitor and measure as often as possible to really understand how everything I do affects my ketosis.

I hate blood sticks and urine strips and I never monitor as much as I would like because they are so darn inconvenient and expensive.

Thank you Ketonix! This is superior tool and I can't recommend it enough.

DJ Raymondson

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See why KETONIX® is an excellent alternative to track your ketosis compared to urine and blood tests.


KETONIX® is a non-invasive device that detects the level of ketones in your breath indicating the strength of your ketosis.  

This is a huge advantage compared to measure urine or blood ketones.
By knowing your real-time ketosis you will be able to find out how your fat-burning is affected by different lifestyle changes.

How your body reacts is personal, something that works for someone else might not work for you. Using a KETONIX® device, you can determine what works for you.


You can easily measure when you are on the move. At the office, on a business trip, or even when you are out hiking, you can monitor your ketosis.

The app's functions for trend and moving average makes it easy to know when you need to boost your ketosis.

Maybe a session at the hotel gym, or take a walk and do some sightseeing?

With Ketonix® you will learn how to keep yourself in ketosis and when to apply your knowledge.

KETONIX® measures your breath for ketones and you will instantly know how much your body is using fat as fuel. 

You get an instant response on how your lifestyle changes affects your body's use of fat.

If you use a ketogenic diet for therapeutic use, you get a realtime feedback of your level of ketosis.

If you want, your doctor/nutritionist could also see your improvements and coach you when needed. 

A good indicator of your success is when you see a trend line that is green like in the screenshot here.

Urine strips only show an over flow of ketones to urine are are not an
accurate measure of Ketosis


Acetone readings are a more accurate reading of levels of ketones
being produced. 

Urine strip tests need urine and a
private place to test perform test


KETONIX® can be used anywhere and
results read on your phone. 

 Urine strips need to be disposed of 


KETONIX® is simply stored in the
supplied case.

Urine & blood ketone measuring
requires strips which are expensive.


KETONIX® is a one-time investment!

Urine & blood ketone measuring
devices can only be used by one person


KETONIX® software allows multiple users to share one device.

 Urine strips can only be used once.


A KETONIX® device can be used
thousands of times at no extra cost!