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Keto Daddy Keys To Success

Start Like You Care About Yourself

Starting is half the battle, this video will teach you how to get started so you can optimize your success!

How To Calculate Your Macros For Keto

Measure Like You Care About Yourself

When it comes down two it weight loss is all about burning more calories then you take in. In this video we go over how to measure your calories using a the free version of myfitnesspal.


What Is Ketosis?

Using Human Biology As A Weight Loss Tool

A lot of people talk about Keto and Ketones and Ketosis but few really understand what those actually mean. In this video I break it down for you.

What Can You Drink On The Keto Diet?

Drink Like You Care About Yourself

When it comes to the Keto Diet a lot of people are confused about what you can and can't drink. We break it down for you here.

How To Measure 

Your Ketones Levels

Test Like You Care About Yourself

If you haven't figured it out already being in Ketosis helps you loose weight but how do you know when your in Ketosis? 

This video is all about the Ketones and how you can measure them.

How To Avoid Carb Flu

Supplement Like You Care About Yourself

Many a Keto journey has ended due to the dreaded Carb Flu. That won't happen to you because in this video we go over how to avoid it.

How To Add Good Fats 

Into Your Diet

Eat Like You Care About Yourself

Eating fat is important but what is more important is eating the right fats. In this video we give you some tips on how you can get more good fats into your diet