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  • Measures breath ketones, a real time indicator of ketosis.
  • Reusable, measure thousands of times, at a one time cost only!
  • The sensor does not need to be replaced after X times, it can be used for years!
  • No calculation needed to know your ketosis. Breath ketones are proportional to the break down of fat into ketones by the liver.
  • Measures are saved and can be viewed to evaluate lifestyle changes.
  • Non-Invasive,  Class I Medical Device registered at FDA (USA) and Läkemedelsverket (SE).
  • Automated calibration each startup, no need to send in the device for calibration.
  • Bluetooth communication.
  • App with Support for English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Finnish.
  • Your Ketonix and software upgrades are a one time cost, no additional fees.
  • User Manual (EN, FR, DE, ES, SE, FI, DK, NO).
  • Email Support, English and Swedish.
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee (shipping charges are non-refundable).

Ketonix® measures breath ketones which is a realtime indicator of ketosis. This is more accurate than blood and urine measures which only indicate excess ketones.
This version of Ketonix® Breath Ketone Analyzer designed for use with a mobile device (iOS/Android) or desktop computer (Mac OS or Windows).

Work is currently ongoing to port the mobile app to desktop systems macOS and Windows.

Measures and charts are easily available in the app. Breath ketone levels are indicated in PPM. This is an optimal tool to find out how lifestyle changes affect your ketosis. A perfect choice for anyone who is adopting a Paleo, Ketogenic, or Low Carb diet.

  • Includes Ketonix App, free download at Appstore, and Google Play.
  • App Features: All included, all features within Measure, Analysis, Diet, Import Recipes and Lab included.
  • The Bluetooth Smart protocol means you do not have to pair it to use the app. Just open the app, tap connect, and go!

The new app is available for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android supporting Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Work is ongoing to port the mobile app into a desktop version (macOS, Windows). Current software is found here Support->Ketonix Bluetooth->Software
Note: In Windows, the Bluetooth® driver needs to be replaced, see instructions in Support->Ketonix Bluetooth->Windows Adapter.


Included App Features:

The Home screen contains guides and tips easily accessible. Here you register your device, select/manage profiles, synchronize and export data. There is also a blog that keeps you updated with news.



In the Profile tab, it is possible to add several profiles. Its wise to use one profile per person that measures, this way the data is separated. There is no limit of number of profiles that can be created.

Each profile can have their preferred language set in the app. Each profile can also be linked to an account on www.ketonix.com, this enables integration with other systems such as Heads Up Health and enables users to participate in studies or being coached remote.




The Sync tab enables you to synchroniza data to and from your account on www.ketonix.com. It's a handy function when using multiple devices.



In the Data tab you can export your logged data within a time range. The exported file is a CSV formatted file that you can use to do serious number crunching in your preferred spreadsheet/analysis software.



The Measure tab contains a number of tabs to log additional values to compare to when performing analysis, of course .. this is the tab you use when testing your breath ketones!
Use the top row tabs to log additional data.  There is also a "Markers" tab, it contains (for now) calculators for body fat percentage and BMI, in coming releases it may contain other calculations to.
It's easy to log additional data, set the dateand time, set the value of a variable then tap on Save. All variables that are set to -1 are not logged.



In the Analysis tab you typically check your breath ketones (ketosis) trend. This is where you can compare your breath ketones to other logged variables. The time frame is easily set by using one of the Presets: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month or A Year Back. It is also possible to set a Custom time frame for comparison. 


When analyzing your data and you find some interesting correlation (or not), it is easy to tap on Create and make an experiment from the Analysis screen. This is a simple way of documenting data and add some information to the time frame and the variables. The experiments are easily accessible in the Lab tab.




In the Diet tab you will find many interesting features. The first screen you see contains a list of guides for the most common tasks. It also have a Diet blog where we share some of our diet secrets and tips.



The first action you should take is to tap on the Keto Calc tab. Set YOUR values and tap on Calculate. This will calculate your macros just like nutritionists would do for somebody that need therapeutic ketosis. When the result is presented you could easily either create an experiment or a meal with those parameters. Example you could experiment with the number of meals per day, or you could alter the ketogenic ratio. Using the create experiment you could set a time frame in the future when you would execute your experiment. If you choose to create a meal, you will be directed to the meal editor where you can compose your own recipes from food items from the USDA or Swedish Food Agency data. These databases are included in the app. By using the meal composer you will get recipes that are personalized just for you. When you compose a meal you will instantly see the total ketgenic ratio of the meal.


If your goal is to weight loss, the P:E ratio might be the tool to use. A high ketogenic ration will help you to create ketones from food while maintaining your body weight (this is what the "ketogenic diet" was designed for). A higher P:E (Protein to Energy ratio) will make your body use the body fat to make ketones from. As fat have a high energy density, the ketogenic ratio and the P:E ratio will almost be the opposites from each other.  Ready more about the P:E ratio at Ted Naiman's site burnfatnotsugar.com or at his book site thepediet.com. A higher protein diet and low in carbs and fat is not a new ide'a to burn stored energy, it's been used by bodybuilders for many years.



P:E Calc 

The P:E Calc is a handy calculator to see if the food you will eat have a Protein to Energy ratio with the goal you have, weight gain or weight loss.



The Meals tab enables you to create a meal (recipe) with your macro needs. By adding food items and amount you will instantly see how much of your macros are fulfilled by the meal. You will also see the ketogenic and P:E ratio in the process. The searchable database comes from the Swedish Food Agency and USDA. When you composed a meal you can save it into your library of recipes. When you cooked it, take a photo and update the recipe with it. You can also import recipes in this view.



Import Recipe

If you are out of inspiration, there are recipes to import from both Ketonix and optimisingnutrition.com. Tap on the Meals tab, then Import Recipe and you will see a list of free recipe collections to choose from. Selecting one of them will show you the recipes in that collection. Selecting one of those recipes will give you an option to import the recipe to your collection. When the recipe is imported you can edit it and adjust the macros and/or adding food items to it.



If you plan your day with several meals, you can combine your recipes into menus. Tap on Menus and then tap on Create Menu. By giving it a name and then selecting the meals in order you want them on the menu, you created a menu. The menu can then be used to create a paper version of the menu to put on the table, shopping list, cooking instructions, and a list of the summarized nutrients for the menu. All of this information you can export to PDF for sharing or archive.



The Lab tab, is a place where you have your experiments easy accessible. An experiment consists of a experiment name, time frame, variables (1 or two), hypothesis, confounding factors, result and a conclusion. Another way of looking at it is that it is a structured way to add notes to a period when you made a lifestyle change. This makes it easy to compare different changes and easily access what works for you. You can also export the experiment as an PDF to archive, print out or share.



  • Indicates your ketone production by analyzing your breath.
  • A reusable instrument that can be used thousands of times.
  • Powered by a USB port 5V 1A, USB charger(not included) 5V or a 5V battery (included) with a USB port. The included USB cable is only used for power, not communication.
  • Application indicating acetone in PPM.
  • Self-calibration. This device calibrates itself, there is no need for user-initiated calibration.
  • Clients are at the moment available for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.
  • Record breath ketones locally on your mobile device smartphone/tablet and/or to an online account (www.ketonix.com).
  • You can anonymously contribute your data to studies of ketogenic diets (Optional).
  • The Mouthpiece can be easily removed and cleaned. An extra mouthpiece is included. The mouthpiece has three different settings that can easily be changed to adjust the resistance.
  • The Software provides profile management to enable several users to share a device using personal mouthpieces.
  • The USB cable is detachable and only used to power the device. The battery can be inserted directly to enable mobile measures.
  • Weight: 40 gr (total weight 260 gr).
  • Size: length 130 mm, diameter 25 mm.

    What is included
    Ketonix® Professional, Ketonix® Battery, USB Cable, Cable to charge the battery, an extra mouthpiece, a manual, and a KETONIX zipper etui. 


If you have type 1 or 2 diabetes: You still need to check your glucose. 
This device is a complement but does not replace your glucose or beta-hydroxybutyrate measuring devices.

This product includes the battery and cannot be shipped to all countries, click "Restricted Shipping" to find out which countries we can ship to. If your country is not listed, you can choose the Ketonix® without a battery that doesn't have these restrictions.

Below is a reference chart for typical PPM ranges:


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