Wyler's Instant Bouillon, Beef Powder, 3.75 Ounce (Pack of 4)

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Brand: Wyler's


  • Beef flavored bouillon for all your recipe needs
  • Perfect way to get the beef flavor you need in your favorite dishes
  • Makes 30 cups of broth
  • Bouillon granules dissolve quickly in hot water
  • Product of the USA

Details: Wyler’s Bouillon and Soups have a rich history of quality, homemade flavor and product innovation. Trusted by consumers for years, the brand is known for its #1 bouillon brand and other innovative soup and bouillon products. Silvain Wyler pioneered the development of bouillon and dry soup mix as we know them today, continually innovating to meet consumer needs. Since then, Wyler’s has taken bouillon and soup in many new flavor and convenience directions, developing exciting new product lines and packaging innovations to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Our bouillon cubes now dissolve in less than 1 minute. Through the years, Wyler’s has continued to meet the changing needs of consumers, moving cooks into the future by developing products for the way we cook today. Today, we are still committed to bringing you the quality and homemade taste that you expect from Wyler’s in the convenient products that suit the way you cook today.